American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc.

24 Waterway Avenue, Suite 900
24 Waterway Avenue, Suite 900
77380 The Woodlands , TX
Phone: (281) 296-2327
Fax: (832) 813-0538

American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. is a comprehensive F&I development partner dedicated to maximizing dealership profits. With over 30 years of experience, American Financial has become a leader in the industry by helping dealers achieve the highest levels of success and by consistently exceeding clients expectations. By providing extensive development services through local Dealership Development Managers and a complete portfolio of products, American Financial creates financial growth opportunities for all areas of the dealership. Centered at the core of American Financial's offerings are Master Tech and the Automotive Training Academy (ATA). MasterTech, the company's vehicle service contract program, is an industry leader for coverage and administration, while the ATA specializes in preparing automotive professionals for today's retail opportunities. Panoptic Insurance, the newest addition to the American Financial portfolio of products, offers dealer-branded insurance agencies that provide customers with all-encompassing solutions for their insurance needs. The home, life auto, auto, and health policies offered by Panoptic enable dealerships to increase CSI, customer retention, and profitability. American Financial is recognized for its development services and industry insight, both of which have positioned the company at the forefront of NADA 20 groups, dealer associations, and national and state conventions.

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