Arnold Sai LLP

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1000 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Suite 900
1000 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Suite 900
20036 Washington , DC
Phone: 202-787-5855
Fax: 202-776-0438

Arnold Sai LLP is a full-service corporate law firm based in Washington, D.C. that advises domestic and international companies, as well as individuals, on a wide range of transactional and litigation matters. Strategically positioned with offices in Washington, D.C. and New York, Arnold Sai advises business and non-profit clients of all sizes, including emerging companies, early- stage startups, small businesses, government contractors, tech entrepreneurs, individual and corporate investors multi-national corporations, non- profit charities and foundations, financial institutions, and professional athletes and entertainers. Arnold Sai is a fresh, dynamic player in a rapidly evolving law firm landscape. At a time when clients demand legal services faster, better and cheaper than ever before, Arnold Sai meets the demands of its clients with the quality of an elite, large law firm but at significantly lower costs. Our goal is to provide uniquely-tailored solutions to meet the legal needs of our clients regardless of their industry, location, revenues, or stage of development. Because we understand the way our clients do business and the challenges they face in a sophisticated global marketplace, we utilize a flexible and nimble business model that permits us to exceed the financial boundaries typically associated with mega-law firms. This is what makes Arnold Sai a different kind of a law firm. 

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