Dealer Talent Registry

NAMAD’S Minority Dealer Talent Registry

NAMAD’s Minority Dealer Talent Registry Powered by ADP is a web-based database repository that contains automotive-related information about ready-now ethnic minority automobile dealers and dealer candidates. This database will allow NAMAD members who are interested in pursuing dealership opportunities to sign onto the web and fill out an information report that will be forwarded to participating manufacturer(s) of their choice. Candidates can provide detailed information about their automotive experience, geographical preferences, investment capacity, and any other information you deem pertinent.

Manufacturer representatives across the country can access this database from any web-enabled computer and have access to current information at all times. This tool ensures that any candidate interested in expansion can be considered for every available opportunity. This tool builds upon the success of the candidate interviews that take place each year at the NAMAD conference. And candidates can feel free to sign on at any time and update their information report.

This database will allow manufacturers to obtain information about dealer and dealer candidates who’ve expressed interest in obtaining viable business opportunities in the automotive industry. You don’t have to rely any longer on others to tell manufacturers where you want to locate, how much capital you have available for investment, or information about your automotive experience or educational background.

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